My Story

I’m starting to feel weak,
As the days are getting longer.
No food, No water,
The sun is getting stronger.

All around me,
People are fading away,
As they try to survive,
The heat of the day.

I search all day,
For something to drink.
I spy a small puddle,
But it’s brown and it stinks.

I gulp it all down,
With no second thought.
A horrible disease,
I may have just caught.

I return home,
My family is sleeping.
I wake in the morning,
Someone is weeping.

I open my eyes,
A terrible sight.
My beloved father,
Has died in the night.

I try to walk past him,
Without looking down.
Sadness overwhelms me,
I fall to the ground.

I lay there shaking,
In the dirt and the heat.
As I push with all effort,
To get back on my feet.

In the distance I see,
An old shacklebolt truck.
It’s rusty and wonky,
And covered with muck.

It stops right beside me,
A man opens the door.
He hands me a letter,
And says “Keep it, it’s yours”.

In his old broken truck,
Away the man drives.
I open the letter,
With hope in my eyes.

I’m not good at reading,
But I know a few words,
Help, Food,
And a picture of birds.

The next day at school,
We get something to eat.
One bowl of porridge,
Each day for a week.

The letters keep coming,
And so does the food.
New books and pens,
For our school too.

To my sponsor I would like
To say “Thanks for your thought,
And for the letters, the money,
And the hope that you brought.”

Sponsor A Child Today.

This is the true story of our sponsored child. We send him money each month to help provide him and his community with food, water and education.

Attribution:    Image: ‘Children5

This poem was written by Hannah


Trees are big, straight and tall.
Some trees are little, not tall at all.
Trees are green, brown, and sometimes black.
If fire has scorched them down their backs.
In Summer it can get really, really hot,
And then their leaves can get burnt and drop.
In Autumn their leaves turn red, orange, yellow, and brown,
Then when they get old, they fall to the ground.
In Winter their branches get covered in snow,
Before their new leaves start to grow.
In Spring their leaves grow back again,
Then the cycle keeps going, it will never end.



The picture says it all...

On the 4th August 2011 my family and I flew out of Avalon Airport on a plane to Brisbane. I was so excited I felt like I was going to burst. When we got off the plane it was much hotter than Geelong. In what felt like no time at all, our holiday in Queensland was almost over. We didn’t go to any theme parks, but we did go in the pool everyday, buy heaps of lollies, and go to the beach lots of times. We just sat around soaking up the warmth for ages. The sun was so strong on my skin that I felt as though I was a piece of bacon on a hot stove! We all had a great time, but I wish we could go again!

None of us want to go home again,
But we all know that we have to.
All good holidays have to end,
Because that’s what holidays do.